How to Change a Blade in a Stanley FatMax Utility Knife

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This video will demonstrate and show you how to remove and replace the blade on the Stanley FatMax Utility Knife. This box cutter works very well and has extra blades stored in the body of the knife. These knifes are constructed with a rugged metal body for durability. The rapid load blade changing system does not require the use of tools. New blades can be held in the knife’s blade storage.

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41 respostas em “How to Change a Blade in a Stanley FatMax Utility Knife”

I've used razor knives most of my working life and never had such a problem changing the blade. This should have instructions imprinted on the case for us old guys. Thanks for the helpful video. ( I can't believe I had to watch a video to learn how to change out a blade!)

Just like you said… sad, I could not figure it out myself. The video was great. I pushed the switch forward, noticed the button was stiff, the way it was meant to be, and holding it in the blade went in easy. I just had to keep pressing the button in. Thanks now. Like so many others, I know and am thankful for your video. 6 years and still good

Thanks for the info. I bought a new knife and I kind of assumed they had a fresh blade in it. But they were all in the handle. That made it easy to install the new blade in the front and the retractable feature works fine! Thanks again.

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