PlayStation Plus Tiers – What Can You Get With Premium?

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PlayStation Plus Tiers – What Can You Get With Premium?

What are the new PlayStation Plus Tiers?
PlayStation Plus Essential
PlayStation Plus Extra
PlayStation Plus Premium

What do you get with them?

PlayStation Plus Essential:
Enjoy all the core PlayStation Plus benefits: join your friends in online multiplayer, add new games to your collection every month, get incredible deals from PlayStation Store, and more.

Monthly Games
Online Multiplayer
Exclusive Discounts

PlayStation Plus Essential also includes:
The PlayStation Plus Collection*

Share Play
Game Help*
Cloud Storage
Exclusive Content

PlayStation Plus Extra:
Get all the great benefits included in the PlayStation Plus Essential plan, as well as access to the Game Catalog, featuring hundreds of games from genre-defining blockbusters to innovative indies, with new titles, added regularly.

Game Catalogue

PlayStation Plus Premium:
Enjoy all the core PlayStation Plus benefits, hundreds of games in the Game Catalog, as well as exclusive benefits like game trials, cloud streaming, and the Classics Catalog.

Classics Catalogue
Game Trials
Cloud Streaming

⏱ Timestamps ⏱
00:00:00 – Intro M3Croft
00:02:02 – What Are Te New Tiers?
00:03:49 – Price Comparison Of Tiers
00:03:56 – Game Trials (Premium)
00:05:25 – Search By Collection Types
00:05:48 – PlayStation 5 Patent (Classic Games)
00:06:57 – PlayStation 1, 2 and PSP Games
00:08:26 – Remastered Games
00:09:13 – PlayStation 3 Games
00:10:51 – Ubisoft+ Classics
00:12:08 – My Thoughts About Premium

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